Women's clothing technology

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Women's clothing technology
1.Diamond-mounted(Hot drilling):Clothing hot drilling has become a fashion and trend. The process is strict and the process is complicated. Hot stamping can add beauty to the clothes and add value to the clothes.
2.Pressed pleat:Pleating is performed on the fabric of the garment to create a process having a wrinkle effect. After pleating, it will have a more beautiful effect, making the clothing more fashionable.
3.Embroidery:Fine workmanship, vivid and beautiful patterns
4.Sequins:Fine workmanship, complicated craftsmanship, glittering, very eye-catching
5.Stereo cutting:Make clothing personalized and fashionable
6.Printing: Digital printing can satisfy people's pursuit of individualized needs and make clothing truly personalized.
7.Washing water:By washing the water, it can be shrunk in advance to make the size stable. Make the fabric softer and more comfortable. through different washing methods, you can wash out the color and texture of various effects, enhance the aesthetics of the clothing.