Yimai Order Process

by Admin Admin
Order process:
Step 1: Enquiry
our customers tell us their requiremeng,including products info, the date of delivery etc.
Step 2: Quotation
we will quote our customer inluding product name, model, quantity, delivery date, payment method, packaging specifications, etc.
Step 3: Make samples
we will make samples,photo the samples or send the sample to our customer directly if need for confirmation.we will modify until our customer satisfy.
Step 4:Make Order
We will await our customers production order, and confirm order's info., we will collect deposit about 30% before purchase related material.
Step 5:Production
We begin to produce the order.
Step 6: Inspection & prepare documents
we will inspect the order according our customers requirement in produce process.
Step 7: Delivery
We will ship the goods and report shipping info according our customers requirements after we get balance.